“What will grow me personally or professionally, and improve me as a human being today?
What will excite me and give me more energy today?
What will set the stage for an epic-productive day?”

“Open. Listen without interruption, objections, or defensiveness.
Responsive. Be willing to hear the speaker out without turning the table. Ask questions for clarification.
Thoughtful. Seek to understand the effects and consequences of your behavior.
Explicit. Make it clear what kind of feedback you are seeking and why it is important to you. Offer a structure for the feedback–questions, rating scales, stories.
Quiet. Refrain from making or preparing to make a response. Do not be distracted by the need to explain, defend, or fix.
Clear with your commitment. Describe how you have benefited from the feedback and what specific steps you will take toward improvement.
Clarifying. Make sure you are clear about what the speakers are seeing, saying, and recommending.”

“If you’re thinking too much, you’re probably stuck in your head and intellectualizing things too much. The most important decisions you’ll ever encounter will always be based on your feelings — it’s a heart thing, not a head thing. Not sure if you can rely on your heart just yet? OK, do this: Document every decision you make over the next three months. Look over which decisions were spot on because you chose to rely on that “inner voice.””


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