The world of my things blame age

“The sky, the clouds, the way the air base on its place … everything. Ages complaints from several days …! “Was small, when the song was first heard. Since then, Nida Fazli joined in life, such as the sky, clouds, road, air! It was the first song I remember complete. Without understanding, without knowing that it is a philosophy of life Ballad. Or there was no discomfort in place to save those things which are not. The tiny baby had some magic in these two lines, which he used to try to understand. It was a real pleasure to think that the sky, clouds, road, air, no things to be laid properly. They are things that humans created. Then life is merry in those Sriane-grooming and concentration. A house, a cupboard, locker and the jewelery and money. That’s whereabouts keep things properly! These things make up the world of a human being. Nida But things were very different then. Such, which are common. Sky, clouds, winds along the way and are not of any one thing. Much later came to realize that some people are not part of the whereabouts of these things. Things have adorned the world of humans and they do not belong, why expend head of the disposal! Achieve such folly! All Duniadaron explained, which meant no sky, no ground-connection, were not able to enjoy the paths, nor the winds were chatting!

Yet time and again it was a pleasure peculiar to these lines Gunne. All is well ‘complaints from several days of age.’ This is not a complaint … was repeatedly raises head. So do not think anyone complain that baby to the world, why is it! No one understands, the poet understands, understood he Nida. After getting the knowledge of the poet went reverence doubled. See, how a line wound in the whole world. Not just someone who, in her words, was playing his fingertips. Only increased the fascination of writing.

These letters will be somewhere in the sky where the only shelter Gumdti low moods, which wants to shower, but often go astray from the path gloomy clouds, because the attitude of the winds whither we are there. “Own the sky the biggest obstacle is finding the winds trend! Shire is also known. Hui television in a life time thing. First ‘Citrhar’ seen in the song. Was very bad. Was conceived as just could not. Scenes ground, sky, clouds, wind, were the same way all the way, all the way were accustomed. That’s just … that something like this happens. The same things that were more important Bnarin humans. Thami hero went cycling in the armpits and hands-down transistor. Nowadays heroes and heroines such as mobile and Mobaik.

Things change … plummeted transistor television, mobile telephone. Fantasies are not obedient to the word. Things are condemned to a manmade scenes began to be served. That was explained by elders that makes things grow human progress. Sky, clouds, wind, all the way to remain in its place. Then take it to heart, assured that the real meaning of things! Nida does not need to pay much attention to things. But the ‘complaint’ was not, at all, “several days” after it was returned. Planning to sleep comfortably dispose of everything that life starts picking up again Jinjod Dete- Nida ‘do not get to anyone … anywhere where soil unblemished sky does not get anywhere …! “Yes, yes … I think that’s the thing every moment is a feeling that there is just manners to say. “The complete absence sky soil ‘alchemy of words, do not fill. Calling heaven and earth to pass through some arduous paths occurs. Often walk on paths, whose floor would not know exactly which one out somewhere within the dark mind descending into the well. Have to walk against the wind. It is looking for that thing, which was not lost, but was not found.

If loss of the second new smartphone comes. The little girl went on scooters bicycles. These things happen, there is no change from the ground sky, nor is a feeling of being complete. Nida is the reassuring things. To extend the life of the sanctuary, which is only a small lull in the markets to try and identify the voices, is sufficient.


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