The lure of money

Most of us are contradictory regarding money. It attracts us, somewhere we are thinking of placing it by a distance. The acceptance rate is to make money for himself, the others make money is Akrta. The importance of money in society, where it becomes a means to formalize the relationships silently. How picks up and takes us to the abyss?

We need to be always positive about making money. You are not to make money, are themselves deprived of basic rights. The cultures were seen as evil money, they are now more poor and backward. In the world there are many people who are rich, harsh and Ishryalu. It is a sign of their financial illness. Penny also keeps human tendency. Such a man does not stop here, for which it is malleable. We all know the money either sit or scum of the hands. Both conditions are impractical. We have come to live in balance and to achieve this, including our need money. So, to lose money if nerve function, so it is not a property.


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