our democracy

Until then democracy will continue the tradition of worship will remain on the sidelines and will only distract the parliamentary landscape. Rather, it is a frightening fact that every political party, the Indian democracy undemocratic own lives while claiming to preserve the tradition of worship is not insulated from any party person. Foundation of democracy within these parties do not expect them to parliamentary democracy within the country?

In a democracy, constitutional government accountable for their actions are. From this perspective, in my country we have read and accept the false democracy. For instance, when we are children in the home or school has nothing to object to or question that is so small and scolding tongue Ldhate be silenced! Was building up within society at an unacceptable bitterness when the question of our relationship, citing age and is trying to quiet. And finally, when we perceived excesses in any institution or organization, disagreed so we rebel against the stigma of being explicit is shown the door, shouting.

Here are respectively the democratic consciousness within us is killed. Then salvage Loktantrikta ends when adulation seem to be immersed in the self-interest and self-accountability-free seem to keep the questionnaire. Therefore, we should not expect our citizens to be democratic. Democracy means government by election not only vote, but also that the elected Government


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