The world ahead of me: Name shed

“As the person is truth, truth guild name. The name is the term which is stamped on the society. Modern educated people whom” social sanction “Do said.” The name has meaning not only personality but also immaterial the presence of the person is registered. ”

“Say, What’s in a name? But it has now become outdated. Today we can say that the name has a lot.”

“As an individual recognizes his qualities and actions can be. His fame may be the basis of his good and bad deeds, but also eventually need a name for it would be the same. Social recognition the basic premise is the name. ”

“On the social level, the move was not recognized. The matter is not just a name change, but men and women of power versus power, too. Men with your name and surname of the woman had not ever. And who the hell -C helplessness or powerlessness exist identity crisis is creating. the sentiment behind the change or just love ”

“A friend of mine recently had a sudden change in its name a little. This change was a bit surprising. Thus the trend of social networking websites, the name change is visible nowadays. However, this change in men and women is visible, as are different in the two. the first class is the full name of the spouse who is writing his name. Put the modified example with the name “Rhea Singh ‘your name’ Robert Rhea Singh and Shreya Saxena now Shreya vibhas Garg ”s writing. the second class is the name of the husband’s surname to their name by adding just satisfied.
Interestingly, this class does not desire to leave his surname is finding the Jatibodk title. For example, if someone’s surname Pandey, he then added Shukla. The third class of those who have dedicated Nvvdhuon completely after marriage the groom’s side to keep the tradition alive with his name are committed. “


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