So the young men concerned

So the young men concerned

“Everything in the army or the security forces, the inevitable happened and the scope of an exemption is possible only in unavoidable situations.”

“Strict-discipline training process as well as flexibility and entertainment in general practice at the same time demands attention. Soldiers and officers, both of the training process also needs to be reviewed.”

“At public forums to share your point of seals, to disappear en masse without permission is gross indiscipline.”

“It’s not just shelter would be against the spirit of military discipline, but will also cause chaos. But it is equally true that so far has come, it needs to consider the sensitivity. When young army comes, it does not work, the spirit comes with Deshsewa. he knows where he is going, where discipline is paramount. Yet they have no ‘fault’ are, it activity and sensitivity of our system is questioned. this young sensation expect in return for strict duty. it is not logical to deny outright. when everything is changing, some changes in this area, we strict will bring. That is to be effective, and practical. ”

“All arrangements are the same for men and that they should take in his first, but something which is unsolved.
When everything is changing, we stand firm in difficult situations to handle their personnel, their concern should take to change your thinking tools. ”

“After all, what are the reasons that our soldiers are going to repeat something that is overflowing their condolences and also every time they appear to stand in the dock? What factors which it knowing that they may need to undergo a process of strict discipline, are forced to make decisions by themselves? and also what are the factors, which despite so many events, it still could not believe that all this inside Forum itself, then their voice will be heard, and no action will also? such questions are inter-related and need to be addressed to them in time. “


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