By words from signals

By words from signals

“He is intelligent, well-informed steps to the circumstances.”

“Fault signals have to be aware of when conducting more than words are more appealing. Gestures can also be an effective way. One’s self-esteem, pride or directly to challenge the wisdom, to upset him or enmity needs to be. Similarly, your self-esteem, pride and wisdom to tell anyone about the right to their embarrassment. as such, convincing others it is never taught or sitting in front of him listening to speeches or sermons all people are stupid, that it is the most intelligent and knowledgeable. ”

“The thing is to understand. Explain more sensible and intelligent to understand that always exists, but is not going to say it in front of others. It is to say, so many things, not over bearing personality is used. a mistake of letting someone will never agree. and we would like to explain, he will hit back immediately. not only will it change your thinking. the mere puny man, a wise man smart or does not wise, if it is being explained to him that you have a lower IQ. ”

“In this context, was a very accurate statement if possible, be more intelligent than others, but do not tell them this. Obviously, that is the point when saying that even there, where the signs say not to tell is necessary, then the effect is gone. “


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