Weathervanes of desire yerk when downdraft of
a new sun rises to your breath. I feel your flurries
on my left arm, the right one is elsewhere. In such
an alpenglow muse helps.


Colonnade at the closest corner from city square
offers best sight possible. At this caecum, seeking
the sky, I burst: will this Sundog ever meet itself ?


Home is leap of lightheartedness
not locale or set-up. In this sense
I’ve been laden. In calisthenics
of needs: intent is camouflaged
when faced with nameless itches.
Will someone loan me lexeme
to superscribe my longings?
Engagement is an ideal lubricant.
So easily lines leaves their shelter
making me mumble: did I give
them seat? How to parlay this?


You can’t be mean, methodical and have a case on.
It doesn’t work that way. This sentiment is a skyrocket.
At 90 or 19, it sprinkles pepper-uppers still everyone
in love is a lamb. Chemicals or hormones? Cabinet of
curiosities helps in celebrating inwardness of intimacy.
Each weld is disparate yet all suffer the same way.


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