Sometimes in life, everything around appears to be misaligned, disordered and life appears to be turn apart in pieces which are impossible.

It happens to everyone, you think of giving up everything and anything of importance to you in life and walk away precisely, you runaway from such agonising meltdown.

It’s true that no other person can walk in your shoes, and judge your situation. Whatever you’re going through, you (I mean) only you know how much it may hurt. But one thing is true on each point of turns you make, you’ve got the choice to either face it or run from it. What’s your pick?

In spite of all, the choice you make to your salvation or destruction is rest with you.

Your choices and your actions eventually define your situation
Time heals all wounds. Ultimately, you will become two things either to be merely a part of history or have the will to write your history.

It all depends on you. Make that choice count.


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