1. The ocean doesn’t have to always be sea blue, it’s allowed to be green and grey sometimes.
    And you don’t always have to be happy, you’re allowed to cry. It’s okay.”

  2. “It’s strange that while Fall is the beginning of cold weather that it’s a season of such warmth. Warm colors, warm clothes, warm drinks, warm scents, warm feelings. Life gets better when our world surrounds us with warm things. There’s something about the way the trees shed their leaves to warm the Earth that makes things seem more bearable.

  3. If it gets awkward, let it be awkward. That awkwardness is something they created. You don’t owe anyone a performance of being okay when you are not feeling okay so that they can feel better about themselves.”

  4. Not everything our eyes are drawn to can stay in our sights forever.
    Not everything our hands reach for can be ours to hold for a lifetime.
    Sometimes we’re allowed glimpses of things… worlds we cannot be a part of, or things we love but cannot keep.
    Understand that this is not a punishment. It’s not that we haven’t earned happiness, or that we don’t deserve it – it is simply because some happiness is transient and cannot stay with us forever.
    But what defines us as the person we are is how we accept our fate and how gracefully we let go of those things we wish to love forever for but cannot hold onto.
    It’s not easy – I won’t tell you it is because it’s not… but somehow it feels ‘right’. I cannot explain it any other way than that, just that you will come to an understanding that as painful as it is – this is the way things are meant to be.
    But the choice of how we move forward from this loss is ours and ours alone. We can choose to be bitter over the injustice of being unable to possess the happiness we desire – or we can choose to carry a piece of that happiness with us, simply by being grateful we were lucky enough to know happiness… to call it by its name and say that it was ours for that brief time we had it. Because as much as it hurts to let go of something like that… it’s nothing compared to the lifetime of emptiness we would have lived without it.”


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