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  1. “I hope our love is never reduced to a bunch of photographs.
    I suppose having something is better than having nothing, but I’d rather have you by my side.
    It has been said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ but I don’t think the creator of the quote took into account all of the poems losing you would make me write.
    Whoever you are, I want the ink I spill about you to detail our moments together, not in nostalgic ramblings or alcohol induced mourning, but in response to the inspiration your presence brings.
    So please, tell me that the day won’t come when your ‘I love you’s’ taste bitter when they used to be sweet, tell me that you’ll remain more than digital.
    I know that we can’t know the future, but if you mean it now, tell me you’ll stay.”

  2. Strange seed planted
    in everything we do.
    Go for a walk and sadness
    clings to the cuff, sock
    and shoe. You see how
    it climbs the steps of the wind,
    haze above a field,
    getting into your head and eyes,
    an allergen of grief.
    You cannot sleep or breathe,
    and where you want flowers
    it crops up like a weed.”


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