Date 6/11/2016, Sunday

there’s a diary in my mind

it saves on space & writing time

ive kept one since the age of five

the annals of

this life of mine

each night before i go to bed

i think some more things – thoughts are shed

into my diary else instead

perhaps the journal

in my head


I went to sleep last night, seemed to me that I was awake,

Clear were all things, not the same as would be a dream.

So far I did walk as seconds appeared to be a journey forever,

There were as I traveled odd and unusually mixed up scenes.

I heard your voice out there but what direction was not clear,

No control over where I am, my sleeping mind guides my way,

I was brought to you, I found you in the dark, darkness has gone

If you have the courage
to look someone in the eye,
chances are you’ll see deeper
then you thought possible.

We believe you don’t have to be a financial pro to be smart about your money, or even to do something bold and audacious like quit working for life while still in your 30s. And we certainly don’t believe you have to give up everything fun or live like a monk to do it either!

God does not make mistakes.
Everything He makes is beautiful.
Even though, we see flaws.
Even though, we have many insecurities.
No amount of altering or hiding can change
who we really are inside

Not quite a thousand
miles but the journey is still
long, hard, slow, honest

shadows of our minds

are reflections of the shapes

that were imprinted there

Losing Teeth

rats are digging holes in the garden. you press your ears against the ancient earth, hating the silence of growing up.

there’s sand in your eyes, but you don’t remember the dreams anymore. mother asks if there’s anything wrong and suddenly you realize what words are for.

the autumn nights are longer now, and the rats have dragged the tooth fairy into their dark home. you wait, at the edge of a dying world, missing the sounds that spoke in silence.

alphabets are slowly starting to make sense. soon you fear, they’ll escape their colourful prisons and build new nests in your mind.

the rats are digging deeper holes and sunlight through the mist is beautiful and terrible at the same time. love splinters at the edges.

the alphabet army is digging deeper holes in your mind, sterilizing childhood with strange sentences.

language is a virus; the words, parasites feeding off the images and the scents and the secrets that made your heart. your imaginary friends are the first to go.

the tooth fairy dies in a broken dream, her wings dissolving into moonshine and her story eaten up by rats. words eat you now, running helter-skelter within your mind, a colony of termites withering you down.

the teeth are the first to fall. mother thinks there’s nothing wrong because that’s what you told her. lying’s first thing the language of words teaches you.

you bury your teeth with the tooth fairy, beneath handfuls of dust and dirt, in the holes the rats dig at night. you cover them with more earth, more silence.

at night, you can almost hear them, desperately trying to claw their way out. you wanted to die with them but

you are growing into something you don’t have the words for, yet.

If the way I Ponte was every dog on the stone fence start will give

So on your floor available in the capital access find.
where is the other hard to explain to be,

There explain themselves taste better.
to be good every day may not be right
But every dîne in something good happens.

“The world’s otherness is antidote to confusion [and] standing within this otherness — the beauty and the mystery of the world, out in the fields or deep inside books — can re-dignify the worst-stung heart.”


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