5 poem

Full Reception

One bar
We don’t have anything to say
Yet we want to

Two bars
We can’t hear over static
So make the call at home

Three bars
We can message whoever, whenever
But wait for an unknown reply

Four bars
We don’t have anything to say
Yet we want to

Five bars
Full reception, fully connected
Yet we don’t need to talk

Criteria for Respect

Does he go to a big building with a big name regularly?
+10 points
Does he accumulate over a million pieces of paper a year?
+10 points
Does he work in downtown and wear a suit?
+10 points

Does he do what he wants?
+20 points
Does he love what he does?
+20 points
Is he good at what he does?
+20 points

Marked out of 30 points, no bonus marks.

Sure to Be Missed

Your presence will fall upon me

Like the first rain
Of spring, and
Everywhere I go
Is mushroomed
With its song

Werther’s Sorrows Reviewed

1/ 14 Februry 2016

Today, half of the world
Is stained with drops
Of blood coughed
Out of love’s heart

While the other half
Is covered with withered
Leaves of roses
Thrown aside last year

2/ Growing Skeleton

When all my blood is shed
And my heart fades, my skeleton
Will remain to glisten
In clear darkness

As new flesh and blood grow
And fill in every space in my body
Will you still remember I used to
Have a quite yellowish skin?

Seasonal Entertainment

i-padding, smartphoning
internetting, key-pressing
listening to heavy metal sounds
rock-n-rolling, taijiing
yogaing, yelling or meditating
mostly living in virtual reality
people have long since stopped
reading poetry or even any books
what kind of poem
could you make out of that?

as people prefer living in virtual reality, they are
tired of poetry, and even the printed word


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