3 poetry

  1. I say THANK YOU

And please sorry for the tears you shed because of me

My words can’t be contained in one book, but in this few words written, I just want to congratulate you for the work done.

Mama my first teacher on earth

Who taught my infant lips how to compose words

And caters for all my needs

Who always gave ears to my feeble words

And praise me for all my good deeds

But never spared me when I went wrong

And gave me words of encouragement to always be strong

Tears drizzle down her cheeks when she sees me captured in bed due to illness

She goes to and fro just to get me fit


She held my hands to cross difficult times

And was like a protective sheet over me during crimes

And when troubles come just like strifes

She will make sure I don’t panic;

Anytime I am awaken by fear

She will undercover and bring me near

Even in times of crisis

She will always pay my debts and give herself as a ransom for my price

I don’t have nothing to say, but in few words;

  1. Salt flats
    Wind so strong
    Your gasp snatched
    And flung far into
    Wide skies where
    Gulls buffet back
    And forth
    Pure white against black

You lost your scarf
Red wool slipping
Through desperate hands

The only colour
In an unwashed world


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