2 poetry

  1. I’ve walked a lonely world

What feels like millenniums

Upon shoeless toes

Searching like a featherless bird

Seeking refuge from a raging storm

All alone, no foreseeable purpose

Filled with that desire

Given to visions

Dreams, like floating balloons

Deflated and sent to the ground

Just walking in an empty world!

I was that solo sailor

Two oars with only a small mast

Floating on the face of a god

Nothing but waste in openness

A vast, endless hope

Longing to be on a shore!

And in that longing, wondering

A sailor in love with his ideas

Something he believed in

Till hope faded

Hopelessness crept in

Voices from yesterday’s naught

Carried upon the wind

Adventurer was I

Seeking places of the worst type of treasure

Massing, items that faded

Like that of a leaf

Before the long winter sleep

Standing with eyes in the heavens

Walking tall and righteous

Valor filled eyes of greatness

Exploding like a bright star

Worn out adventurer

Older than his time

While giving nothing

Digging for wealth

As the bottom falls out

The world has crumbled

I was a survivor

Beaten to the grave

Broken meat

  1. Switchblade songbird

Sing me a song

Make it quick and sharp

So I can sing along

Sing about love

And then about hate

Sing it now

Don’t hesitate

Sing sharp keys

Sing em quick

Make me sing too

That’s the trick

Sing low keys

Sing em slow

Sing in a way

That steals the show

Sing a song

That moves my feet

Sing me something

Really sweet

Sing of faith

Sing of God

Sing a song that

Makes my head bob

But when I’m blue

Slow it way down

A nobody move

Stickup sound

Sing something country

With a sadness deep

Maybe a song

About lost sheep

Switchblade songbird

Haven’t you heard

Don’t sing me any

Disparaging words

Sweet little Switchblade

Songbird by name

You’re as quick as a switch

And sharp as a blade

To make you sing slow

Is all my own blame

You were made to sing

Fast and sharp

As per your name

So pick it up why don’t cha

And sing how you were made

Don’t mind me

And the slow request

I have made


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