Date 1 /11/2016 , Tuesday

Date 1 /11/2016 , Tuesday
the arc will continue to bend  in a progressive direction

People get what they need from a painting
The painter need not die because of responsibility
When you have inspiration and represent inspiration
The observer makes the painting
The painter has no responsibility to stimulate his needs
It’s all an enormous process
No suffering is necessary
All of it is only enlightening, this is life

“Pride … is always a serious fault, the seriousness of which is greater in proportion as the justification for one’s self-esteem is less.”

rhymed, as in, for instance: “I keep yellin’! Something should be done about spellin’,” or unrhymed

After the silence,

Came a storm,

That had lain in wait,

In the gulfs of us.

For days it bore down

Heavy and unrelenting,

Stripping us of all that –

We had come to know.

In its wake it left a wreckage,

That her and I,  began to fix.

All that was broken,

Was put together,

Piece by piece –

Mended and restored.

After the storm,

The silence broke,

And we learned to laugh –

And love once more.

The truth is: TRUTH HURTS!
Many find it harder to be honest than it is to sell a lie.
In fact, honesty is not the popular route.
Few understand the meaning of accountability.
There’s an excuse for everything.

yet ready for flight,
Swaying tight on overhead wires.
Perched in a beaked huddle,
Chittering, chattering,
A feathered cuddle


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